Sunday, December 16, 2007

Shift Happens

Can someone explain this? all it is, is a bunch of random facts put into one clip. It waz so not interesting that i couldnt even finish watching it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Promo Video

This is the weirdest promo video ive ever seen. The best part is the fat guy dancing.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kosher Boy

This is freakin hilarious, click here for the original.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Which one, kid or wedding gown?

A Davenport woman received five years of probation Thursday for attempting to sell her 4-year-old son to help pay for a wedding dress.
Marcy Gant, 32, was convicted in October of purchase or sale of an individual and could have been sentenced up to 10 years in prison.
Gant was arrested in October 2006 after offering her son to a retailer to settle a $200 bill for the dress. Police said Gant offered the trade at least twice.
Gant's sons, ages 4 and 10 at the time, have been removed from the home by Iowa Department of Human Services.
Prosecutor Julie Walton requested prison time for Gant, citing "out-of-control behavior" fueled by alcoholism.
Lauren Phelps, Gant's attorney, requested probation.
"She's making better choices," Phelps said, saying she is keeping in touch with her children and maintaining a stable residence. "She's doing things she needs to do."
Gant will have to follow several special provisions, including bans on alcohol and contacting the prosecution's main witness in the case. Gant also will have to submit to random tests for drugs and alcohol, follow the advice of mental health professionals and attend two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week, Scott County District Judge James Kelley ruled.
Gant could be sent to prison for up to 10 years if she violates the order.

Hmmm thats interesting i never knew its illegal to sell ur kid (don't get me wrong its disgusting and i would never do it). She obviously wanted to start totally over, new marriage, new wedding gown and no kid. So how much does a 4 year old kid go for on the market?

Child Wonder?

I wouldn't call this amazing but he is pretty good for his age.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 Uses for Beer

There are many useful uses for beer besides drinking it and having fun. Most of us just enjoy drinking beer, but the truth is, it can be used in a variety of different ways. Especially when you don't want to throw away any extra beer you have. Here are just 10 examples of what you can do with them.

1. Marinate meat in it - Use beer instead of wine to marinate your meat. Not only does it taste better, but it also makes the meat softer and more tender.
2. Help grass grow easier - pour beer on those irritating brown spots on your lawns to help your grass grow. The grass absorbs the nutrients, sugar and energy it needs to be able to grow.
3. Kill slugs & snails - Fill containers or wide-mouthed bottles or something of the sort with beer about a quarter to half way up. Then bury these in your garden. The slugs or snails will be attracted to them and drown.
4. Kill mice - This may sound a little far-fetched but fill a bucket or pail up about a third of the way with cheap beer with a board or something leading to the rim at the top. The mice, smelling this, will jump in, and not be able to climb out.
5. Calm a stomach-ache - Just sit down and drink a beer. This carbonated drink will settle your stomach right down. The alcohol helps reduce the pain as well. Don't use if you have an ulcer or gastritis.
6. Polish gold - Wet a piece of cloth with some beer and start rubbing your gold (no stones) to get the shine back. Use a second cloth to dry it.
7. Bathe in it - Add a few cans of beer into your bath. Believe it or not, it will do you good. The yeasts are good for softening and soothing the skin.
8. Polish wood furniture - Let some beer sit until it goes flat, then, dampen a washcloth with it, and rub your wooden furniture. This will polish it, and give it a more shiny and healthy look.
9. Cook with it - When boiling shrimp, try using beer for the cooking liquid. Season as you wish, but don't overcook.
10. Drink it!

Now i know wat to do wen i cant finish the 6th one...

Wanna Deadly Spell?

An elderly woman was convicted of fraud Thursday after a Nicosia court ruled she took cash from a man to lift a "deadly spell," using an egg, his briefs and a urine sample.
Hayriye Rezvanoglu, 69, will serve 20 days in prison, court officials said.
The court found that the self-described witch "clearly and shamelessly" exploited Thanos Savvides' "vulnerable psychological and emotional state," and fraudulently obtained 500 Cyprus pounds ($1,243) to lift a spell supposedly cast by his enemies.
According to court testimony, Savvides, a 34-year-old delivery man, met Rezvanoglu in a Nicosia street last year when she asked for some of his cookies. Savvides obliged, and in return she allegedly offered to tell his fortune if he brought her the money, as well as a plate, a spoon, an egg, his underwear and a bottle of urine.
At their next meeting, Rezvanoglu allegedly told Savvides he would die in his sleep unless he paid her another 5,000 Cyprus pounds ($12,431) for magical protection.
The court also ordered Rezvanoglu to return Savvides' money.

This lady must have been jewish wanting more money. The guy though is a complete imbecile for trusting someone asking for those things.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Drug Nuns

A Greek Orthodox nunnery was turned into a marijuana plantation by two men posing as gardeners for elderly nuns, police said on Tuesday.
Acting on a tip-off, officers raided the nunnery in the village of Filiro, near the northern port city of Thessaloniki, and found more than 30 large cannabis plants in the enclosed garden.
"Two unknown men had told the two elderly nuns in the nunnery they would like to help them with the garden and then proceeded to plant the cannabis," a police official told Reuters.
"The nuns did not know what they were and assumed they were large decorative plants," he said.
Police did not arrest the nuns and have launched a hunt for the culprits.
Lol i think thats funny

Monday, December 3, 2007

Bobov Shabbos

This past shabbos i had the privilege of being in boro park. Friday night and shabbos day i davened in the bobov on 48th street, as a side note i know nothing about the politics and do not want to know. I found some things very interesting in that shul. For some reason the bobov rebbe walks around in the back of the shul i was told its because in the olden days people used to talk a lot. Now when he walks by everyone scatters because if you are standing there he will make you sit up in the front and for sure no one talks. Another interesting thing is that the rebbe wears a tallis the whols shabbos before i had never heard of such a thing. Otherwise i think the shul is very nice and the davening is beautiful. Friday night for lecha dodi they sang a very nice slow bobov nigun.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Repetitive CD?

Wow a new CD by MRM music. All this music company ever does is make CD's with a compilation of already known songs. With this CD he is just repeating the obvious, you think there is not enough chanukah CD's out there?
Take a look at the other CD's by this music company:
There is a purim one, a relaxation, another chanukah, a wedding and a dancing. Theseare all repetitive songs that are on tons of other CD's. This guy is just stating the obvious. He is not taking time to sit and compose his own songs! Therefore I would not buy this new CD if I were you.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

YU Battle of the bands

This band which is called Yaakov Chesed does sound good but i do not like the lyrics they are using. All these bands make good tunes (?) but they have no lyrics to use. I think The Chevra started the trend of using the important parts of davening in songs with there song "Yehei." So anyway this band has somewhat good music but they do need some polishing.

Every 4 guys out there that plays music thinks they should go preform in public which is not the case. Unfortunately or rather fortunately there is no shortage of music in the Jewish music industry and now some bands are starting to sound very similar.

So overall I think bands should compose there own lyrics for there songs, and the next 4 people that get together they should try to be a little different like the band "Levitikus" (which i will discuss some other time)who has a very different style.

New Gad Elbaz Music Video

I think the song is good but the music video is mimicking to many non-jewish ones. If this supposed to be jewish why is there a lot of no yarmulkas and rings and black dancing? I once read that Elbaz had the chance to make it real big but he decided to stay frum and he gave up the chance. Is this music video considered frum? I think this guy should ask his rabbi, if he has one that is.