Friday, November 30, 2007

Repetitive CD?

Wow a new CD by MRM music. All this music company ever does is make CD's with a compilation of already known songs. With this CD he is just repeating the obvious, you think there is not enough chanukah CD's out there?
Take a look at the other CD's by this music company:
There is a purim one, a relaxation, another chanukah, a wedding and a dancing. Theseare all repetitive songs that are on tons of other CD's. This guy is just stating the obvious. He is not taking time to sit and compose his own songs! Therefore I would not buy this new CD if I were you.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

YU Battle of the bands

This band which is called Yaakov Chesed does sound good but i do not like the lyrics they are using. All these bands make good tunes (?) but they have no lyrics to use. I think The Chevra started the trend of using the important parts of davening in songs with there song "Yehei." So anyway this band has somewhat good music but they do need some polishing.

Every 4 guys out there that plays music thinks they should go preform in public which is not the case. Unfortunately or rather fortunately there is no shortage of music in the Jewish music industry and now some bands are starting to sound very similar.

So overall I think bands should compose there own lyrics for there songs, and the next 4 people that get together they should try to be a little different like the band "Levitikus" (which i will discuss some other time)who has a very different style.

New Gad Elbaz Music Video

I think the song is good but the music video is mimicking to many non-jewish ones. If this supposed to be jewish why is there a lot of no yarmulkas and rings and black dancing? I once read that Elbaz had the chance to make it real big but he decided to stay frum and he gave up the chance. Is this music video considered frum? I think this guy should ask his rabbi, if he has one that is.