Wednesday, January 2, 2008

KYO Restaurant Update

By: Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech

Monsey, NY - KYO Restaurant has successfully served the kosher community in
Monsey for over six years. It has enjoyed great popularity, drawing a
sophisticated clientele from all over the tri-state area.

The restaurant has always been supervised by an eminently reliable kosher
certification and has maintained impeccable kosher credentials.

The recent change of mashgiach had occasioned some questions in the community,
which were addressed by the rav haachshir, and the kashrus of the establishment
had not been affected. In light of the concerns expressed, however, the rav
haachshir felt that the needs of the community could be best served by having
the kashrus of the establishment overseen by a local rav.

At that point, I was contacted by the rav haachshir to assume the hashgachah, so
as to ensure the success of the restaurant and its hashgachah.

I have agreed to undertake this project at the express request of the previous
rav haachshir, as well as many prominent rabbonim in Monsey. These rabbonim,
from all segments of the Orthodox community, felt very strongly that the
restaurant is an important asset to the community and should be supported, both
in terms of kashrus and by the community.

As such, they have given me their support in providing the kosher certification,
for which I am very indebted. I have also taken the opportunity of adding
additional safeguards to the hashgachah, including camera surveillance, and
ensuring that the mashgiach is insulated from financial issues from the owner.

In summation, I am very satisfied with the kashrus at the restaurant, and I am
confident that the community will continue to be well served by the restaurant.




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