Friday, May 30, 2008

Lipa Helping Masbia

Lipa Shmeltzer was helping get the food out at Masbia The kitchen was serving steaks — juicy, 16-ounce kosher shell steaks. Seconds were even available.A soup kitchen that serves steak might sound rather luxurious, but steak night comes only once a year at Masbia, in honor of Grand Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir, Hungary, who died in 1925 and who was known for feeding the hungry.

Why do people make such a big deal about Lipa? Its one thing when he's singing but also when hes volunteering? It probably gives many people the wrong idea of why he is doing it. As you can see when he is dishing out the food someone is taking pictures the whole time. There is a right and wrong time for everything and that is not the time for pictures.


JoeFlix said...


Its a common practice among politicians, celebrities and well-known people to identify themselves with a cause. If some stupid Basketball player cuts a ribbon at a school for handdicapped children, it helps them alot with fundraising.

Here, Mr. Schmeltzer is using his fame to promote masbia - when someone will search Lipa on YouTube, he might find this vid and think of giving a few bucks for hungry yidden.

Others, like Sruly Williger and Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Boro President, also did this - its a nice thing.

Michel said...

Lipa regularly volunteers for a lot of things are you saying its all just for show and promo or does he seriously mean it?