Friday, October 31, 2008

The Power of Answering Amen!

Amazing true story that recently occurred in Ashdod...
The mother of the family passed away and for the elevation of the mother's soul, the family took upon themselves that each family member must say blessings of food aloud for others to hear in order to answer Amen.
One day the daughter came home from school and felt terribly thirsty but no one was home to answer Amen to her blessing. She waited and waited till someone will come home and answer Amen to the blessing of the water. Although she felt extremely thirsty, she waited two and a half hours till someone arrived home to 'relieve' her.
That same night she had a dream and her deceased mother told her, "Know my daughter, the fact that you overcame your thirst and waited two and a half hours for someone to answer Amen made a tremendous impression in Shamayim. Because of your deed, it was ruled in Shamayim that a good decree will be bestowed. One of your classmates is very ill with the terrible sickness. In the merit of the good deed you performed it was decreed in Shamayim that your classmate will heal completely. The name of the classmate is ------."
At 5 am, the girl woke up in a frenzy and rushed to wake up her father to tell him her dream. The father told her that in the morning, he will look further into this matter since no one knew that this classmate was ill.
In the morning, the father called the classmate's father and casually asked him the well being of his family. The classmate's father answered that everything is ok but wanted to know why he is asking. The widow father revealed to him that he knows that his daughter is ill.
The classmate's father was in shock because they kept this matter top secret. The other father told him the development of how this knowledge came about and told him that his daughter said that her classmate will completely heal.
Both fathers belong to the same Hasidic sect. They immediately went to their Rebbe in Yerushalayim to tell him the dream. The Rebbe instructed that the ill girl be taken for a check up. On the same day, the girl was scheduled for her first chemotherapy treatment.
The family was prepared for the amazing results but the doctors shock was complete.
The results of the exam came out totally clean, without a trace of any illness!!!
The power of stubbornly observing a Mitzvah can save the whole world!

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