Monday, November 3, 2008

Judaism - Izn't It Funny?

Isn't it funny that $10 seems like a lot when we give tzedaka, but so little when we go shopping? 
Isn't it funny how one hour seems so long when we worship G-d, and so short when we watch a ball game? 
Isn't it funny how 2 hours in shul seem so much longer than when we watch a video? 
Isn't it funny how when a ball game goes into overtime we get so excited, but when prayers last a little longer than usual, we complain? 
Isn't it funny how we find reading a whole Parsha from the Torah tiring, but  it's so easy to read 100 pages of the latest  novel? 
Isn't it funny how we want to sit in the front row when we go to a basketball game  but  we sit in the last rows of the shul? 
Isn't it funny how we need 2 or three weeks notice when there is an event to attend in the shul, and how we are always available for other events or programs? 
Isn't it funny how we have difficulty to learn the parsha, but so easy to learn and tell the latest gossip? 
Isn't it funny how we believe in the newspapers, but we question the Torah?                                                                       Isn't it funny how we send millions of jokes via e-mail that spread like wildfire, but when we receive something about Judaism, we don't  re-send them to anyone?

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