Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama is Black?

Constantly people talking about Obama keep mentioning that he is black but I say who cares? So a black can become president, I'm all for that and that's not the reason why I'm against Obama. The reason is because he's a Muslim communist and dangerous for Jews, Israel and everything that America stands for! He wants change which we don't need right now rather we need stabilization.

Does anyone for a second think he's going to do even a quarter of what he said? He's going to say as soon as he becomes president that change cant happen right away and he will need 4 years to fix up America and the change will happen the second 4 years.

Now that he has won though we must face facts and that's what is. For all the people who think they have to leave America now, GO! America doesn't need you! If you cant stand beside it for good and bad times then leave. Its like the stock market, its never stable, there are ups and downs and that doesn't mean you have to take your money out every time it goes down a little bit.


theman613770 said...

I hope our country and the rest of the world survives this very wrong choice.

shogblog said...

I agree, but like the stock market we should not be nervous or have fear. Trust in Hashem and pray that this just be the final step before the coming of Moshiach may he come today!

shaulipoo said...

Who wrote this? Michel?

Michel said...

who else?
and why are you on this site and not my new one?